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The Role of Safety in Your Propane Career

June 30, 2024

June is National Propane Safety Month, which means there’s no better time to think about how your future career in the propane industry will help to promote propane safety both within your company and with new and existing customers. Your expertise with propane will help your customers understand how to use propane safely. Read this […]


High Paying Careers in the Propane Industry

May 31, 2024

Are you on the hunt for a high-paying career in Pennsylvania, but aren’t sure where to start? We highly recommend exploring the wide variety of jobs offered in the propane industry! There is a diverse array of positions available that appeal to different interests and skill sets. Whether you enjoy being behind the wheel, working […]


Propane Leads the Way to an Eco-Friendly Future in PA

April 22, 2024

April is Earth Month, and at this time of year, many of us are thinking about the best ways to reduce emissions. Shrinking our collective carbon footprint is a huge concern, and thankfully propane is here to help! According to the Propane Education and Research Council, propane gas is a clean energy source that can […]


Resume Writing Tips for Trades Professionals

March 28, 2024

Whether you’re a new graduate or a young professional in the trades in Pennsylvania—such as the propane industry—you probably already know that the right education, skills, and certifications are all essential to landing your dream job. What you may not have considered yet is whether you have a critical tool that shows employers you’re the […]


Why Young People Are Pursuing Propane Careers in Pennsylvania

February 29, 2024

Are you thinking about taking the next step in your education, but you aren’t sure where to start? Many people in Pennsylvania nowadays are choosing a trade school, HVAC school, or CDL school over a traditional 4-year college degree for a variety of reasons. For example, jobs in the propane industry offer competitive wages, valuable […]


The Most Sought-After Propane Jobs in 2024

January 30, 2024

Are you about to graduate trade school, CDL school, or vocational school? You may be wondering what’s next for you in terms of your career after you finish your program, and that’s completely understandable—but did you know that there’s an industry that’s looking to hire smart, hardworking people like you for a variety of sought-after […]


Top Ways Propane Employees Help Keep Their Communities Safe in Winter

December 7, 2023

When you think of an occupation that involves keeping your community safe, what job comes to mind? Your first answer probably wouldn’t be in the propane industry, but we believe that propane employees are the unsung heroes of their communities, especially during the winter. Without propane delivery drivers, service technicians, and customer service representatives trained […]


High-Earning Jobs in the Propane Industry: Service Manager

November 13, 2023

Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Are you someone who communicates effectively and possesses excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills? You could be a propane manager! This position is a great career opportunity for those who have been in the propane industry for several years. At GeneratioNext Propane Pros, it’s our job to connect […]


Celebrating National Propane Day

October 19, 2023

This month, our team here at GeneratioNext Propane Pros are excited to celebrate National Propane Day on October 7th.  After all, propane is an affordable, efficient, and versatile fuel that has made advancements towards becoming the lasting energy source it is today and continually offers a great career trajectory to the professionals working in the […]


Top Reasons to Become a Pennsylvania Propane Delivery Driver

September 25, 2023

The Pennsylvania propane industry is filled with a variety of lucrative career paths that offer excellent, competitive pay, great benefits packages, and an admirable work-life balance. Propane delivery drivers are no exception to the advantages that this booming industry has to offer. In fact, these incredibly indispensable workers maintain reliable hours, have high starting salaries, […]