Celebrating National Propane Day

October 19, 2023

This month, our team here at GeneratioNext Propane Pros are excited to celebrate National Propane Day on October 7th.  After all, propane is an affordable, efficient, and versatile fuel that has made advancements towards becoming the lasting energy source it is today and continually offers a great career trajectory to the professionals working in the industry today. Keep reading to learn all the reasons that homeowners love propane fuel as well as discover why working in the propane industry is a fantastic career move.

The Top Reasons that PA Homeowners Love Propane

Made in the United States, propane fuel has what it takes to power various applications. Whether homeowners are using propane to heat their homes, switch on their standby generators, or fire up various cooking appliances, propane users can count on this reliable, efficient fuel all year long. This low-emission, clean-burning fuel is safe and reliable, helping keep Pennsylvania homes running, even when the power grid fails. Here are a few reasons that homeowners rely on propane and why the industry is continuing to grow:

1. Environmentally friendly:

Unlike natural gas, propane is not considered a greenhouse gas and is safe for the environment if released into the atmosphere. As one of the most clean-burning fuels available, propane is an approved clean fuel. Plus, the industry is making rapid advancements toward creating an entirely renewable and carbon-neutral propane fuel – which is fantastic news for homeowners and propane professionals who are working to support the industry’s growth.

2. Domestically produced:

America produces more than enough propane to meet demand. The U.S. is propane’s leading producer, and propane production and delivery keeps quality jobs in our country. Due to the hard work our domestic propane producers invest, propane’s availability and affordability to power homes is consistent and reliable.

3. Powering home appliances:

This multi-purpose fuel can be used for home heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, grilling, and more. Not to mention, propane has only a fraction of the operating costs of electric appliances and heating systems. With the fuel’s versatility, it’s a no-brainer that its popularity is ever-increasing among Pennsylvania homeowners across the country.

4. Stable, affordable prices:

Propane is one of the most cost-effective fuels on the market today. Domestic propane production is expected to continue to grow rapidly, keeping downward pressure on average propane prices and keeping this fuel affordable and stable for the long haul.

5. Improved safety:

PA Propane companies, technicians, and delivery drivers keep their customers safe by transporting and delivering propane carefully and performing routine safety checks on propane equipment. Not only does this mean that propane jobs are in high demand, but it also means that customers can have a greater sense of home security and safety when they rely on local propane providers for their fuel and services.

6. Energy savings:

When customers choose to upgrade to new propane heating systems, they will have greater peace of mind that their new equipment is less likely to need emergency repair. When paired with the low-operating costs and affordable fuel prices, this means abundant energy-savings for propane customers here in Pennsylvania.

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Top Perks of Working in the Pennsylvania Propane Industry

Working in the propane industry offers employees a whole host of unique benefits and opportunities. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a technician, delivery driver, service manager, or customer service representative, you will be met with excellent pay, great benefits, job security, and plenty of opportunities for advancement throughout your career. Since propane companies are often small, locally or family-owned businesses, they like to go above and beyond keeping their staff and support happy and satisfied. When working for a propane company in your area, you can expect:

  • Lasting job security in a recession-proof, pandemic-proof industry
  • Reliable, family-friendly working hours
  • Competitive pay
  • Great benefits packages
  • Earning potential & career advancement opportunities

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