5 Reasons a Career in Propane Is a Smart Choice

March 6, 2023

Whether you’re a vocational student thinking about your first job after graduation or a tradesperson considering a new field, check out pursuing a career in propane. The propane industry is growing and there are employers across the country that are looking for qualified candidates like you. Read this blog post to find out why choosing a career in propane is a smart move.

The Perks of Working in the Propane Industry

Competitive Pay

When you’re looking for a job, one of the first things every applicant considers is wages. Propane companies are offering employees competitive hourly and salaried compensation right now. Applicants with relative skills and certifications, like a commercial driver’s license (CDL), are in high demand and have the qualifications to negotiate for even higher starting pay. Plus, jobs in propane have the possibility of upward mobility and greater earning potential down the line.

Lasting Job Security

Speaking of down the line, when you work in propane you can rest assured that your career path is secure. Propane is a rapidly growing industry that has a place in renewable energy planning. Propane meets guidelines for the Clean Air Act and can serve as a supplementary energy source for many energy alternatives. Plus, propane jobs translate to other applications like HVAC work on various heating equipment, air conditioning systems, generators, and more.

Great Benefits Packages

Important benefits, like health insurance coverage and 401k plans are a significant factor in the job search process. Propane employers are offering valuable benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation, 401k match, and more to new and existing employees.

Family-Friendly Working Hours

When you hear about jobs for drivers in the propane industry, don’t assume these positions are like long-haul truck driving gigs. For the most part, propane delivery drivers work normal business hours Monday through Friday. Routes are within the company’s local delivery area so you would be making deliveries to homes and businesses in your community and off the clock in time for dinner. Drivers that do work the emergency delivery shift are often compensated for the additional time.

If you like the idea of long-haul driving with more flexible time off, there are opportunities for propane transport drivers, too.

Earning Potential & Career Advancement

There are some misconceptions out there that trade jobs like propane delivery driver, propane service technician or customer service representative don’t have a lot of room to grow. But the truth is even entry level positions at propane companies have the potential to lead to dynamic, high-earning careers.

Propane technicians have the ability to diversify their skills to work on all kinds of equipment and can become service managers. Delivery drivers can work their way up to different routes or route management or dispatch positions. Customer service representatives can pursue a path towards higher-level sales or office management roles. And who knows, you may even find yourself running your own propane business one day!

Start Your Propane Job Search Today

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