Service Technician Careers in the Propane Industry

Are you looking for a hands-on career that requires using problem-solving skills to work on high-tech equipment? Service Technicians in the propane industry do just that. Propane Service Technicians do a variety of work, from setting propane tanks and running gas lines to installing and repairing propane appliances. Learn more about Service Technician career opportunities within the propane industry.

Learn More about Propane Service Technician Careers in Pennsylvania

Who Propane Service Technicians Are
Do you like working with your hands? Are you comfortable thinking quickly on your feet? If so, a career as a Propane Service Technician would be the right fit. Candidates for a Propane Service Technician enjoy troubleshooting, working independently or with a team, and critical thinking.

What Propane Service Technicians Do
Propane Service Technicians install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair propane systems and appliances, run gas lines, and so much more. When you are a Propane Service Technician in Pennsylvania, every service call is unique.

Where Propane Service Technicians Work
Propane Service Technicians spend most of their billable hours traveling to customer locations to perform installations or service work. Depending on the assignment, the work can be performed independently or in teams. Propane Service Technicians interact with customers, most of which are grateful to the technician who comes to their home to fix their equipment!

When Propane Service Technicians Work
Hours vary based on the propane company’s business hours, however most Propane Service Technicians work a regular 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule or similar hours.

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Propane Service Technician in Pennsylvania
Become a Propane Service Technician to pursue a sustainable career and develop lasting skills that typically includes continuing education and opportunities for advancement.