Top Ways Propane Employees Help Keep Their Communities Safe in Winter

December 7, 2023

When you think of an occupation that involves keeping your community safe, what job comes to mind? Your first answer probably wouldn’t be in the propane industry, but we believe that propane employees are the unsung heroes of their communities, especially during the winter. Without propane delivery drivers, service technicians, and customer service representatives trained in the ins and outs of the propane industry, the colder months would be unbearable and unsafe. Keep reading to learn more about how propane employees help keep their communities safe in winter, and why you should consider becoming one as the next step in your career.

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How Propane Employees Help Their PA Communities Stay Safe in Winter

Propane Delivery Drivers

Propane delivery drivers are responsible for the efficient and safe delivery of propane to an established customer base on daily local routes. In some cases, they also provide emergency fuel deliveries to folks who find themselves in no-heat situations. And in addition to keeping families warm and safe, propane delivery driver positions come with several other great job benefits:

  • Reliable work hours
  • Earning competitive wages and benefits
  • Staying local

Service Technicians

Becoming a service technician in the propane industry means you’re setting yourself up for success. Some of the benefits that come with a career as a service technician include a competitive starting salary, great work hours, and opportunities for advancement. Not only that, but you’ll be proud to provide your friends and neighbors with expert heating equipment installations, maintenance, and repairs!

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)

A role as a customer service representative in the propane industry is perfect for those who have exceptional communication skills and problem-solving abilities. When you become a propane industry CSR, you can expect to work regular hours, be social and engaged with other people, and create working solutions in all types of scenarios. Plus, you’ll be responsible for answering customer calls and coordinating service and fuel deliveries, which means you’re helping out folks in your community.

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If You’re Ready to Start Your Propane Industry Career, We Can Help

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