The Most Sought-After Propane Jobs in 2024

January 30, 2024

Are you about to graduate trade school, CDL school, or vocational school? You may be wondering what’s next for you in terms of your career after you finish your program, and that’s completely understandable—but did you know that there’s an industry that’s looking to hire smart, hardworking people like you for a variety of sought-after positions? A career in the propane industry offers many jobs and career options, allowing you to choose a job that meets your income goals while also providing a motivating and interesting work environment that will keep you engaged.

Top Propane Industry Jobs for 2024

Propane Equipment Sales Staff

You might be surprised to learn that propane sales specialists have quite competitive salaries. In addition to their regular pay, some equipment specialists can also earn commission. This means that the more high-quality equipment you provide to homeowners in need, the more money you can make.

Propane Service Technicians

As a propane service technician, you start out dealing with tune-ups and regular maintenance appointments, but your career won’t end there. Once you’re trained in initial duties, you can advance to more complicated repairs and installations. The more knowledge and value you can present for your company, the more raises and promotions you may be eligible for.

Propane Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are in high demand, and companies near you are looking to bulk up their fuel delivery teams. While the salary of this position is competitive on its own, on top of that, you may be able to earn overtime pay by covering on-call emergency shifts in case a customer ever needs a propane delivery after the office closes for the day.

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More Job Options for Different Interests

If none of the above options suit your taste, there’s a wide variety of other career options available in the propane sector. When you want to start learning about salaries and pay from specific companies, we invite you to create an applicant profile. Your free account will allow you to connect with propane providers whom you can ask about specific pay and benefits to help you decide which career route will be the perfect fit for your future in propane.