Virtual Career Fair Tips for Students & New Grads

September 22, 2020

Are you a trade school student or new graduate looking for a career opportunity or an internship in the propane industry? Career fairs are a great place to start! While most networking and career events are being held virtually, do not let the online setting discourage you. There are plenty of ways to have a valuable online experience and make connections to begin a career in the propane industry.
Virtual Meeting


How to Make the Most of Virtual Career Fairs

Use these tips to prepare for a virtual career fair.

Step 1: Create Your Online Profile

With no opportunity to make a first impression in person, your online profile will be the first thing potential employers will notice. Your profile should include a clear, professional photo and a brief description of your skills and qualifications. Feel free to add a personal note such as why you are pursuing a trade career or your favorite course at school.

Step 2: Include Your Resume

This is a no-brainer, yet so important. Your resume is a critical part of your career fair profile. Make sure it is up to date, spotless, and includes certifications, skills, coursework, and other relevant job experience.

Step 3: Sign up for Webinar Sessions

If a virtual career fair offers webinar sessions, be sure to sign up for a minimum of two. While it may be easier to participate in a virtual networking session only, take advantage of every opportunity available. You may hear from potential employers and be able to interact with them also.

Step 4: Test Your Tech & Check Your Background

It is a good idea to test-drive your technology. Test your internet connection, webcam, and microphone quality.

Make sure to set yourself up in a clean, quiet, well-lit space with a neutral backdrop.

Step 5: Dress to Impress

Even though you won’t be attending in person, it is still important to dress like you are. Wear something professional and comfortable so that you feel confident during any video conferences.

Step 6: Let Your Positive Attitude Shine

Things may be different this year; however, that should not slow down your career goals. Propane companies in Pennsylvania are looking for qualified candidates now. Positions in the propane industry such as delivery driver, service technician, and customer service representative provide a unique opportunity to join the workforce and earn a competitive wage directly out of trade school. And you’ll be part of America’s Essential Workforce, having great job security.


Now is the time to start searching for career opportunities in the Pennsylvania propane industry.

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