The Perks of Being a Service Technician

August 9, 2022

Choosing a career in the Pennsylvania propane industry makes for a satisfying, well-paid position that won’t go out of style any time soon. There are many career paths in the propane industry, but one such path that comes with many perks is that of a propane service technician. Service technicians enjoy rewarding, hands-on work, allowing them to exercise their problem-solving skills and work on high-tech equipment. Though service technicians do a variety of work, their jobs usually consist of setting propane tanks, running gas lines, and installing and repairing propane appliances.

Make a Salary That Works for You

Two of the most attractive perks of the service technician route are its competitive salary and future earning potential. Plus—just in case you were wondering—starting at a high salary doesn’t mean you’ll dead-end in the future. There’s always room for growth in the propane industry. Service technicians can advance to supervisor positions and higher. A high starting salary will jump-start your financial security after your graduation from technical school.

Other benefits of this job include flexible working conditions. Propane service technicians spend most of their billable hours traveling to customer locations to perform installations or service work. Regular hours vary based on the propane company’s business hours. However, most propane service technicians work a regular 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule or similar hours.

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Get Started in Propane Industry in PA Today

If a career as a propane service technician in Pennsylvania sparks your interest, begin by creating a GeneratioNext Propane Pros profile to start connecting with local PA employers today and browsing your area’s propane job listings. This career route will provide a stable financial future so that you can feel confident pursuing a job you’re passionate about. Rest assured that a career in the propane industry means a secure and stable future for you.