How to Set Career Goals and Plan Out Your Career in Pennsylvania’s Propane Industry

January 12, 2023

Pennsylvania’s propane industry offers possibility and a wide variety of valuable career benefits for its skilled, hardworking employees. From lucrative career advancement opportunities to the industry’s fail-safe nature against recession and pandemic job loss, it is no wonder why taking on a career in the propane industry is becoming even more sought after. Regardless of whether you are considering a position as a fuel delivery driver, an HVAC technician, a customer service representative, or management professional, you can feel confident in your choice to join a thriving industry. Besides achieving a great sense of accomplishment, work-life balance, and making a positive impact in your community, pursuing a career in propane means you will be able to finally take the reins on setting your career goals. Keep reading to learn more about GeneratioNEXT Propane Pro’s top tips and strategies for planning out your career in the industry and figuring out which propane career is best for you.

Take Control of Your Future by Achieving Your Career Goals

What are your career goals? To earn a comfortable living? Start saving for retirement? Maintain a great work-life balance? Luckily, the propane industry can do all of that for you and more! Many HVAC and propane companies are run by small, family-owned businesses that greatly care about their employees’ work satisfaction as well as being committed to serving their community of friends, family, and neighbors. When you opt for a position with a local fuel and HVAC company, you’re taking the first step towards actively achieving your career goals.

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Gain Job Security through Pandemic and Recession in the Propane Industry

The last few years have tried and tested many industries, which has resulted in massive job loss that many companies and individuals in the workforce are still reeling from. Despite this, Pennsylvania’s propane industry has remained steady through these major events (while, of course, taking extra and necessary precautions to keep their customers and staff safe) rendering the industry recession-proof. During difficult times globally and economically, the hardworking individuals in the propane industry keep the community warm, homes heated, and provide valuable services that are necessary for many people, especially in the Pennsylvania area where we frequently experience harsh winter weather conditions. When considering selecting a career that meets your goals, GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros are proud to recommendjoining an industry that can help take care of you and your work in the midst of hard times while you continue to serve your community with essential services.

An Effective Propane Career Starts with You

When you begin your journey as a professional in Pennsylvania’s propane industry, you’ll start to realize firsthand how your individual set of skills are easily transferred into a valuable position that you can truly thrive and achieve your goals in. Whether you’re a people-person, a natural leader, great at remembering technical details, love to work on-the-go, or excellent at creating effective strategies for your team’s success, there’s a role for you in the propane industry! Check out the list of careers below to learn what position best suits your unique set of skills and preferred work style.

Career Routes in The Propane Industry:

HVAC Service Technician

As a service technician, you’ll actually work on propane equipment for homes and businesses, and when problems arise for clients, you’ll be the one restoring the heat or hot water. HVAC service technicians are detail-oriented, love working hands-on when they encounter a problem, and make an incredible difference in Pennsylvania communities.

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Delivery Driver

If you like to work on-the-go, becoming a fuel delivery driver is a great opportunity. You’ll work with a variety of customers, delivering propane to homeowners, agricultural producers, businesses, and even fleet operators. This position comes with competitive pay and a work schedule that promotes a positive work-life balance. HVAC and propane companies work especially hard to schedule their drivers on predictable routes and dispatch deliveries at the perfect time for their customers to receive their fuel. If you consider yourself prompt and efficient, this position is for you!

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Are you a people person? Well, then this is the position for you! As a CSR in the propane industry, you’ll be an expert troubleshooter and leave customers feeling positive about the entire experience. Furthermore, you will likely be the first-person new customers will encounter with their questions about service plans, deliveries, scheduling maintenance, and more! CSRs are skilled at teaching the customers what the company is all about, listening to their needs, and recommending products and services that will greatly improve their home comfort and convenience.


Do you want to be an employee that actually helps business owners grow their company and build new clientele? As a salesperson, you’ll prospect, develop, and nurture relationships with potential clients and customers while actively seeking new opportunities for residential, agricultural, and commercial growth. Sales employees in Pennsylvania’s propane industry are excellent at creating effective strategies, they are big thinkers, clear communicators, and love driving their company towards greater success.

Fuel Transport Driver

If you enjoy traveling and have a desire to travel for work and see parts of the country, then working as a transport driver offers a wonderful opportunity! You’ll be delivering propane to providers across the Pennsylvania area. If your preferred work style is outside of the office, on the move, and focusing on one big task at a time, transport driving offers you the ability to thrive in an environment that best suits you.

Service Management

Are you a team leader? Valuable leadership skills are indispensable in this industry! As a service manager, you’ll oversee a wide variety of employees that make propane businesses run. Here’s the best part, you may be able to easily step up from nearly any other propane career into management if you choose to go after this next step! Service managers are detail-oriented, great problem solvers, and always looking out for their customers, employees, and the company with their keen knowledge about the industry and their company’s processes.

Apprenticeship and Internship

Whether you’re just starting your career or thinking about a career change, interns and apprentices get the chance to join a team that will guide them to success, empowering them to learn and grow in this great industry. You can start here and begin to plan out your next propane career move and set attainable goals for your future by finding propane apprenticeships and internships at a local business near you!

Start an Exciting Career Today by Connecting with GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros

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