Benefits of a Career in the Propane Industry in 2020

June 12, 2020

This year is already off to an unforgettable start. COVID-19 has caused serious societal and economic changes in Pennsylvania and across the world. If you have recently graduated from a technical school or are a student beginning to think about your future career, it probably feels like an uncertain time to make any big decisions. The choice to pursue a career in the propane industry can be an easy one, even now. The propane industry offers job security and growth opportunities, and you will be part of a team that’s building communities, keeping America running, and protecting the environment for the next generation.
Propane Career


Advantages of Working in the Propane Industry

Here are a few reasons why the propane industry sets itself apart from other career paths:

  • Essential Services
    Think propane is about backyard grilling? Think again. From homes and business to farms and fleets of vehicles, propane is keeping America running. Propane IS essential. The industry continued to provide services and remained open for business during Pennsylvania’s Stay-at-Home Order/Quarantine. While other businesses had to navigate furloughs or unemployment during COVID-19 restrictions, the propane industry continued to operate.
  • Job Security
    If you research propane companies in your area, you will find most have been in business for generations. This means they have lasted through wars, recessions, social shifts, and so much more.Propane is used by homeowners, businesses, and organizations. Many industries are increasingly choosing propane to cost-effectively fuel vehicles and equipment while lowering emissions.

    Propane can be used to power a variety of applications and equipment for residential and commercial construction, on-road vehicles, landscape management, material handling, and agricultural needs. Demand for this clean, abundant fuel is continually growing which provides for secure employment.

  • Adapting to Change
    Speaking of longevity, propane companies have been able to survive and grow due to their ability to adapt and innovate. Industry technology is constantly evolving, improving safety operations and customer services.

    Propane has been a part of Americans’ energy mix for more than a century, and as a clean, powerful fuel, it will continue to play a role well into the future.

  • Room to Grow
    When you join the propane workforce, you aren’t just getting a job. You have the opportunity to grow and develop a career through specialized instruction and on-the-job training, and enjoy the benefits of working with advanced technology. There are many career opportunities, including Delivery Drivers, Service Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives. These positions have the potential to lead to upper-level positions like Service Manager, Office Manager, or even Owner. The sky truly is the limit!

So, what are you waiting for? Discover your place on our team by visiting GeneratioNext Propane Pros to create a profile and upload your resume. Already registered? Log in to update your resume. Now is the time to start searching for career opportunities in the Pennsylvania propane industry.

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