Myths about Being a Propane Delivery Driver in Pennsylvania

November 19, 2020

If you’re thinking about a career in the propane industry, chances are you’ve browsed available local positions and heard of a propane delivery driver. People in this position work with a variety of customers, delivering propane to homeowners, agricultural producers, and businesses.

There are some common misconceptions surrounding this job, so we want to set the record straight and explain why pursuing a propane delivery driver position may be an excellent career choice.

Propane Delivery Truck Driver

Common Myths of Propane Delivery Driving in Pennsylvania

Myth #1: Propane Delivery Drivers Earn a Low Income

Good people, competitive pay, and a career that makes a difference: this is what you can expect when you start your new career in the propane industry. The typical salary range for a delivery driver is $18 to $24 per hour with opportunities for overtime.

Myth #2: You’ll Work Overnight Hours & Be Away from Family for Extended Periods

One of the perks of this position is that you work independently and are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of propane to an established customer base on local daily routes. Delivery locations may include residential homes, commercial warehouses, farms and agricultural businesses, and more. This means you will be home at night to spend time with family and friends.

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Myth #3: Propane Delivery Driver Is Not a Sustainable Career

Think again. From homes and businesses to farms and vehicle fleets, propane is keeping America running. Industry technology is constantly evolving, improving safety operations and customer services. Propane companies have been able to survive and grow due to their ability to adapt and innovate. Propane has been a part of Americans’ energy mix for more than a century, and as a clean, powerful fuel, it will continue to play a role well into the future. Propane IS essential (and the government agrees) so you’ll never have to worry about job security.

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