Matching Northeastern Pennsylvania Propane Applicants & Employers

Fueling the Future of the Pennsylvania Propane Industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Are you a propane marketer looking for new job candidates, or a hardworking individual searching for an employment opportunity in Pennsylvania? You are at the right place. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is the destination location for Propane Marketers, Technical Students, and Energy Professionals to find the perfect match to make a professional connection that could lead to a lifelong career.

How We Match Northeastern Propane Marketers with Applicants

As propane marketers have noticed, there is a growing need to secure the future generation of the industry workforce. To address this issue, a team of energy experts at GeneratioNext Propane Pros developed a website to connect Northeastern Pennsylvania propane marketers with Technical Students and Energy Professionals based on their career interest, and location.

How It Works:

  1. Propane marketers create a secure profile which includes their location, job and internship availability, and contact information.*
  2. Technical Students and Energy Professionals create a secure profile which includes their resume, location, job interests, and contact information.*
  3. Employers and applicants are suggested for each other based on profile compatibility and job availability.
  4. Employers and applicants can reach out to one another to establish a professional relationship and determine if they are a good fit.
  5. Employers and applicants can make their profiles inactive at any time if a position has been filled or an offer has been accepted.

*At GeneratioNext Propane Pros, all contact information is kept secure. Only applicants and employers considered compatible will be able to view each other’s contact information.

Propane Career Opportunities in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Northeastern Pennsylvania offers an abundance of propane career opportunities for Technical Students and Energy Professionals. Whether you have a high-school diploma, vocational training, or a college degree, propane marketers are looking for dedicated employees. Here’s a list of careers to indicate interest in when creating your profile on GeneratioNext Propane Pros:

Propane Service Technician Careers
As a Service Technician, you will be the one installing, repairing, and maintaining propane equipment for home and business owners.

Propane Delivery Driver (Bobtail) Careers
If you prefer working independently, becoming a Delivery Driver could be your dream job. Spend your days behind the wheel delivering propane to customers.

Propane Customer Service Representative (CSR) Careers
Are you a people person? Do you work best when interacting with others? For anyone interested in client-facing work and who enjoys the feeling of helping people, a CSR career is a great fit.

Propane Sales Careers
If you’re a high-energy, self-driven, and disciplined, propane sales could be for you. Consider a career that allows you to independently prospect, develop, and nurture relationships while actively seeking new residential and commercial growth opportunities.

Propane Transport Driver Careers
Do you love the open road and working independently? Propane Transport Drivers do and are an integral piece of the industry.  As a transport driver, you’ll be delivering propane to individual propane providers across a regional area.

Propane Service Management Careers
Are you a leader? Propane Service Managers are!  They have the opportunity to oversee and work with a wide variety of employees, such as Service Technicians, Delivery Drivers, and Customer Service Representatives. They use critical thinking skills to implement service processes and procedures to ensure maximum productivity, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Propane Apprenticeships & Internships
A rewarding career can start here!  Being an apprentice or intern allows you to earn money and gain experience in the field alongside a team of dedicated professionals who will guide you on the path of success allowing you to thrive in a culture of support and empowering you to learn and grow.

Why Propane Marketers Should Enroll on GeneratioNext Propane Pros

GeneratioNext Propane Pros isn’t just for applicants! Propane Marketers benefit from enrolling as an employer. With the void in the workforce as the current workforce is retiring or nearing retirement, registering and creating an employer profile on GeneratioNext Propane Pros will aid you in finding the employees you need in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Benefits of Finding Propane Employees on GeneratioNext Propane Pros:

  • Search through a list of qualified Technical Students and Energy Professionals.
  • No need to sort through applicants like you would on generic job search sites.
  • Secure your next generation of employees on a site that filters by job type and location.
  • Plus there is no cost to create a secure profile to find potential employees.

Benefits of Working in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Propane Industry

As a propane professional, you are aware of the many benefits of working in an industry that offers competitive wages and is building communities and protecting the environment for the next generation.

Serving Employers & Applicants throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is proud to work with employers and applicants in the following Northeastern Pennsylvania Counties:
Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Lycoming, Luzerne, Monroe, Montour, Northumberland, Pike, Schuylkill, Sullivan, Tioga, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, Union