Why Now Is a Great Time to Join the Pennsylvania Propane Industry

January 21, 2021

Over the past year, it has become evident jobs deemed essential by the government offer the most security and peace of mind. The propane industry falls under this umbrella. This means people employed in (and entering) the propane industry can rely on a career that provides a lifetime of reliable work regardless of pandemics, natural disasters, or whatever else may be thrown our way.

Top Reasons to Enter the Pennsylvania Propane Industry:

  1. Job Security: There’s no avoiding the fact that millions of people lost work last year due to pandemic restrictions. This puts a fresh perspective on the career choices of young people across Pennsylvania and the U.S., encouraging many of them to enter a field that is bulletproof. Propane can do that. Propane is powering more technology, in more places than ever. From family farms, to homes, to community school districts and beyond. Demand for this clean, abundant fuel is continually growing which provides for secure employment.
  2. Diverse Career Opportunities: Whether you’re a people person, like working with your hands, or would prefer to spend your days behind a steering wheel, the propane industry has a position for you. There is plenty of room for advancement and diversity, meaning you’ll always have something interesting to focus on during your workday.
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  3. Current Employees Are Retiring: Many employees in the propane industry are retiring, leaving plenty of opportunities for young people entering the workforce. If you’re considering a career in the propane industry, now is the time. You can learn from experts who have been in the industry for years, with opportunities for advancement as they retire.
  4. Fast Track to High Earning: Most propane jobs don’t require a 4-year degree. Good people, competitive pay, and a career that makes a difference: this is what you can expect with a career in the propane industry.

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