Career Spotlight: Pennsylvania HVAC Service Technician

February 6, 2023

Becoming an HVAC Service Technician in the propane industry is an excellent career path filled with opportunity. With great work-life balance, high starting salaries (and even higher earning potential), fulfilling work, and the chance to truly make a difference in their community, it’s no wonder why more and more trade school graduates are choosing a service technician career As the industry continues to take massive strides toward more clean, green energy the demand for propane fuel and services is increasing exponentially, creating essential and recession-proof careers for individuals in Pennsylvania. At GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros, our mission is to connect motivated applicants with propane employers in the Pennsylvania area. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of a service technician career and discover if it’s a good fit for you!

What does an Pennsylvania HVAC Technician Do?

Need a refresher on what a propane HVAC service technician is and what they do? Well, it is the person who arrives when the heater stops working on a chilly winter day; the person called when the air conditioner blows warm air in the middle of July; and the person who ensures the HVAC system is always running at peak efficiency. These comfort heroes are responsible for homeowners’ continued security during all seasons of the year.

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Benefits of Becoming a Propane HVAC Service Technician in PA

High Earning Potential

If you’re looking for a job you’re passionate about while getting a pay rate that will cover all your bills and then some, HVAC technician is an excellent choice for you. Two of the most attractive perks of the service technician route are its competitive salary and future earning potential. Plus—in case you were wondering—starting at a high salary doesn’t mean you’ll dead-end in the future. There’s always room for growth in the propane industry. Service technicians can advance to supervisor positions and higher. A high starting salary will jump-start your financial security after your graduation from technical school.

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Rewarding, Hands-On Work

Unlike corporate jobs or hard labor, propane HVAC technicians enjoy a nice balance of mental and physical engagement when engaging in their work tasks. You’ll get to go to different work sites every day, stretch your legs between jobs, and enjoy the technological side and mechanics of the propane furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and air conditioners that you service. These flexible working conditions mean propane service technicians spend most of their billable hours traveling to customer locations to perform installations or service work, certainly not stuck behind a desk!

Excellent Work-Life Balance

Regular hours for an HVAC service technician in the propane industry can vary based on the propane company’s business hours. However, most propane service technicians work a regular 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule or similar hours. This means individuals working as service technicians in the HVAC and propane industry enjoy great work-life balance that themselves and their families can rely on.

Making a Difference in Your Community

As a service technician, you’ll actually work on propane equipment for homes and businesses, and when problems arise for clients, you’ll be the one restoring the heat or hot water. HVAC service technicians are detail-oriented, love working hands-on when they encounter a problem, and make an incredible difference in their communities. The local Pennsylvania propane service technicians are our everyday heroes that keep our homes and businesses operating when we need them most.

Wondering if You Should Consider a Service Tech Career in the Propane Industry?

Here’s a couple questions to ask yourself to determine if an HVAC service technician career is right for you:

  • Are you technologically inclined?
  • Interested in a high paying job?
  • Want a job that doesn’t have you sitting in an office cubicle all day?
  • Desire meaningful, fulfilling work?
  • Do you like the idea of working for locally-owned companies with family-like atmospheres?
  • Need great job security/an essential position that is both recession and pandemic-proof?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, a service tech career in the propane industry is right for you! Click here to make your free profile and start connecting with propane employers today!

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Start a Service Tech Career Today by Connecting with GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros

The HVAC and propane industry has careers for everyone! If you’re ready to start an exciting career, you can get started today by searching available jobs on GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros! We commit ourselves to fuel the workforce in the heating fuel industry by connecting fuel and HVAC applicants like you with Pennsylvania propane companies . From service technicians to fuel delivery drivers and customer service representatives, you can find a career that matches your talents. Whether you’ve just graduated from school or you’re looking for a career change, be sure to make a free profile on GeneratioNEXT Propane Pros to start connecting with local propane companies in Pennsylvania today.