You Can Make Money with Trade Jobs in the Propane Industry

September 21, 2019

Are you a student or energy professional looking for the right career opportunity in Pennsylvania? If you are searching for a career that provides competitive pay, valuable benefits, and a healthy work-life balance, consider the propane industry. This industry offers many opportunities for entry-level and experienced candidates. And the best part? These careers have considerable opportunities for professional growth and financial stability.

Get the Facts on Trade Job Opportunities in Propane

There are misconceptions about careers in the propane industry. We want to set the record straight!

True or False?
Trade jobs are disappearing and are no longer in demand.

False! In fact, skilled trade opportunities are in high demand in Pennsylvania and all over the country. Careers in the propane industry, such as Service Technicians and Delivery Drivers, are some of the fastest-growing trade jobs.

True or False?
You need a four-year college degree to get a high-paying job.

False! Technical and vocational schools are designed to prepare students with the skills needed to find stable, full-time employment. Entry-level salaries in the propane industry are competitive with other non-trade industries and offer viable opportunities for growth. Plus, trade professionals have significantly less, if not zero, student loan debt.

True or False?
Trade industries offer recession-proof jobs with transferable skills.

True! Those who pursue propane industry careers have greater job security than other industries. Propane is used to power many things; residential and commercial heating systems, appliances (fireplaces, stoves, dryers, hot water heaters, etc.), generators, and more. Additionally, the industry provides propane to many sectors; agriculture, landscapers, school buses, and commercial fleets such as UPS delivery trucks.

An article from Family Circle puts plainly why trade jobs offer some of the best vocational careers:

“The trades are such a wonderful option for our kids. They are needed, they pay well, and the skills learned will be carried throughout a lifetime. The facts should be presented to them earlier in their life so it at least gets their brains wrapped around what a great way the trades can be to make a living.”

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