Tips for Remote Learning & Career Development from Home

April 17, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused major transformations to everyday life across Pennsylvania. All educational institutions have closed for the remainder of their academic year. This is a major adjustment for career and technical centers, who sent students home to learn remotely.

Most likely, if you are enrolled at a technical, vocational, or trade school in Pennsylvania, you are completing classes remotely from home. These classes can be difficult and present a particularly challenging learning environment.

The following guide is intended to help make remote learning more efficient, keeping your career path on track.

How to Be Successful with Remote Learning & Career Development

1. Set a Daily Schedule

While distance learning, it is important to stick to a schedule. Follow a routine similar to a typical day at school. It is easier to do this when you have livestreamed classes to attend, but if you have the option to work on your own time, following a set schedule is helpful to keep motivation and productivity on track.

2. Organize Your Work Space

Set up a “classroom” at home. If possible, do your coursework in a space where you can shut the door to minimize distractions. This also allows you to “leave” school when your day is done. If you are working in a smaller space, clear off a desk or the kitchen table. Space like your garage or basement is ideal for hands-on assignments.

3. Prepare Technologically

Half the battle of remote learning is the technology that makes it possible. Become familiar with the school’s software. Test and practice the features such as the camera, microphone, and chat options. This will avoid the inconvenience of a technology error during class.

4. Keep in Touch with Teachers and Classmates

If you don’t already have it, request contact information from your instructors and classmates. This will be helpful if you have questions about assignments and is also a good way to socialize with your peers while at home.

5. Review and Update Your Resume

With the additional time at home, it is the perfect opportunity to review and update your resume and begin planning for your professional future.

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