Propane Provides Warmth for Holidays of Past, Present & Future

December 18, 2020

The holidays in a typical year can be overwhelming, and those feelings will be especially prominent this year. Homeowners in Pennsylvania know the importance of a safe, warm home that helps them stay healthy and comfortable throughout the winter. #PropaneCanDoThat!

Join a Career That Makes a Difference in Your Community

Do you ever dream of a meaningful career that spreads joy and positivity? Here is a look at the positions within the propane industry that make a difference every holiday season.

  • Propane service technicians deliver comfort.
    During the holidays if a homeowner’s furnace is not working it is an emergency. Propane service technicians will save the day, keeping everyone warm and safe.
  • Propane customer service representatives (CSRs) offer customer satisfaction.
    When a customer has a concern, the CSR is the first to know. They are expert troubleshooters and problem solvers, and leave customers feeling positive about their entire experience.
  • Propane delivery drivers provide warmth.
    You cannot keep a home warm without reliable propane delivery! Propane delivery drivers endure all types of weather to guarantee that homeowners have the warmth and security they need during the holidays.
  • Propane sales representatives help homeowners save more.
    Most older homes are in need of a new heating system or upgraded appliance. Propane sales representatives are experts who can recommend and size new propane equipment, keeping homeowners warm and safe through the coldest months.
  • Propane service managers lead the team.
    Anyone can get stressed during the holidays, and that includes your coworkers. Service managers implement processes and procedures to make sure team members do not experience winter burnout.
  • Apprentices and interns relieve stress from team members.
    Propane interns and apprentices work alongside dedicated professionals by providing support while developing and refining skills.

If you’re considering a career move, think about pursuing one of the opportunities above. Along with competitive pay and valuable benefits, you won’t just be doing a job. You’ll be part of a team that’s building communities, keeping America running, and protecting the environment for the next generation.

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