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June 27, 2021

Working in the propane industry means you won’t just be doing a job. You’ll be part of a team that’s building communities, keeping America running, and protecting the environment for the next generation, and you’ll receive the kind of high-tech training that’s in demand at the same time. The propane industry is an excellent career trajectory for students, and graduates looking for competitive pay and a rewarding career in Pennsylvania. Here are four reasons why the industry matters to Pennsylvania residents, business owners, and propane employees, too.

4 Standout Reasons the Propane Industry Matters in PA

You Will Work for an Essential Business

It has become evident jobs deemed essential by the government offer the most security and peace of mind. The propane industry falls under this umbrella. This means people employed in (and entering) the propane industry can rely on a career that provides reliable work regardless of pandemics, natural disasters, or whatever else may be thrown our way.

You’re Taking Care of Your Community in PA

You’ll be keeping families warm, farms working, and helping businesses run smoothly. You’ll also earn competitive pay with a schedule that lets you enjoy your community, too.

You Have Security in a Renewable Energy Landscape

Propane is a clean, low-carbon energy that is an approved alternative fuel under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act, and the industry is committed to being a part of a renewable future.

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You’ll Unlock Ample Career Flexibility

Propane use is growing in both cities and in rural areas, so you can put your skills to work anywhere. With openings at all levels and room for advancement, you can build a real career. Apprentices can progress to Service Technicians, Delivery Drivers can expand their routes with experience, and Customer Service team members have the potential to advance into Management or Sales. Wherever your interests lie, the propane industry has suitable career opportunities.

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