Eco-Friendly Benefits of Propane Gas in Pennsylvania

May 3, 2022

During April, we celebrate Earth Day! It’s a time to celebrate our planet and all it provides us—a safe place to live, clean air to breathe, and natural wonders that can stir even the most stoic personalities. At GeneratioNext Propane Pros, we feel it’s the perfect time to delve into the benefits of propane gas—the fuel that powers millions of residential, commercial, and agricultural establishments across the country.

4 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Propane Fuel

Propane meets clean fuel standards

Propane meets the rigorous standards set by the Clean Air Act of 1990. In addition, it meets all clean air energy standards put forth for burned fuels by the Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA.

Propane is created right here in the United States

You may be wondering how propane’s domestic production affects our environment—we have an answer for you! Domestically produced fuels require less energy and carbon output for shipping and storage, meaning that USA-produced propane gas is more environmentally conscious than the variety of foreign imports that it replaces.

Propane gas can be used to power all your appliances

Its versatility means that rather than having to use other, dirtier fuels to power some of your appliances, propane can handle them all—whether that be your furnace, boiler, water heater, pool heater, indoor fireplace, outdoor range, kitchen stove, or generator.

Propane fireplaces reduce the need to chop and burn trees

Using existing propane from your delivery setup to power your indoor fireplace means that you won’t need to chop down and burn real wood to gain supplemental warmth and a cozy ambiance. Propane is also more efficient than wood, giving you more enjoyment with less energy spent.

How GeneratioNext Propane Pros Contributes to the PA Propane Industry

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