Careers in the Pennsylvania Propane Industry

February 20, 2020

Good people, competitive pay, and a career that makes a difference: this is what you can expect when you start your new career in the propane industry. Propane is about so much more than just backyard grilling. Propane is powering homes. It’s helping businesses, farms, and fleets of vehicles operate more efficiently. Propane lets people live and work where they want and how they want. That’s why the demand for this clean, abundant, American fuel is growing, and so are the number of career openings in the industry.

What This Means for Job Seekers in Pennsylvania

The continual growth further enforces that the propane industry offers sustainable career paths and is uniquely ‘recession-proof’ regardless of the economic environment. You’ll find positions for Drivers, Service Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, as well as positions in Sales and Service Management.

With a career in the propane industry, you won’t just be doing a job. You’ll be part of a team that’s building communities, keeping America running, and protecting the environment for the next generation. And you’ll receive the kind of high-tech training that’s in demand at the same time.

Find Your Career in the Propane Industry

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